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Hi there blog readers! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about London and her unique little life. I began this blog for a few reasons: the first was to have a place where I could talk openly and honestly about London. A place where I can brag about her and her accomplishments. I honestly don't expect to get a big following, and that's ok with me. This blog is more for the benefit of my sanity and for London to have a place to shine than having people out there devoted to reading my every thought. That being said, the second reason I started this blog was so any of you loyal readers could get updates on London's life and my fundraising efforts to get a home that is London-friendly- a home where I can give her the best care and therapy that I possibly can. A home where she can reach her full potential.

This campaign really just started out as a joke between my husband and I. One night (probably after some traumatic bath experience with London) I was complaining (again) about how much I want a home designed with London in mind. I figured a home like what I had in my head will cost $500,000 or more. So I jokingly said to my husband, 'I just need to find 500 people who will give me a thousand dollars each'. Thomas quickly said, 'Or you can just find 500,000 people who will all give you a dollar'. We went to bed and for a while I didn't think about the conversation again.

Then one day, in the middle of absolutely nothing in particular and without warning, it hit me! WHY NOT FIND 500,000 PEOPLE WHO WILL GIVE ME A DOLLAR?? I know, I know... seems impossible right? Well, with every traumatic bath (and believe me, they all are) and with every dream I put on the backburner (dinner as a family at the table??), and not to mention every comment about the impossibility of this undertaking, my fire is refueled to make this happen.

Let me just tell you upfront (that is, if in fact there is any 'you' out there reading this), I have a really hard time asking for help. I much prefer to rally help for other people- I'm more the 'behind the camera' kind of girl when it comes to this kind of thing. I don't ever want people to think we're not hard-working all-American kind of people (although those thoughts never cross my mind when I'm organizing a fundraiser for someone else). My husband works full-time as an electrical engineer and I work a few days a week at a fabric and craft store as well as doing some photography on the side. But, like any family, we have bills to pay, kids to feed, and at the end of the month, we aren't able to set aside money for a home that London needs. Having a child with any kind of special need can take its toll financially, mentally and emotionally. At this point, my bank account, my head, and my heart are pretty drained.

London has taught me many things; patience, acceptance, courage, humility, integrity, unrelenting faith... but the hardest lesson I've learned since her diagnosis is that sometimes I have to ask for help. Even asking for one dollar makes me want to hang my head. Asking for a dollar from 500,000 people makes me a little sick to my stomach. But for London, I'll swallow that pride. Knowing that I would be much better equipped to help in a home that's, well, much better equipped for me to help her, makes the words 'Can You Spare A Dollar?' a little less difficult to speak.

So here's the deal. I'm asking for your dollar. One dollar. To help make a dream come true for me and my family.

There are several ways to donate NOW and we are always going to be doing small things along the way to further our efforts...

You can donate through PayPal to the email address: withlovefromlondon@live.com

You can donate online here

Or you can send your dollar to London at PO Box 268, Willard, UT 84340

We also have several coin jars out at different locations for people to drop their spare change in. If you see one, we'd love for you to leave a dollar or a some change for London! :)

*** If you know of a good location where we could put out a jar, please email me at supahstar18@hotmail.com ***

I am also selling homemade gardening aprons at Willard Bay Gardens! This is a great place to go for all your gardening supplies and plants so check out my aprons while you're there...

I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for your dollar, your words of support, or you passing the blog along to your friends and family.
From the very bottom, middle, and tippy-top of my heart, thank you!


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