Friday, March 15, 2013

I see a light...

So London has been really sick the past week and a half or so (and Kannon was really sick the two weeks before that, needless to say I've been cleaning a lot of puke this past month)... but she's on the mend! YES! She started out with a stomach bug that Kannon passed to her, but even after the vomiting seemed to pass, she just wasn't herself. Doc said her ears looked a tiny bit pink but that he wasn't worried about it at that moment. But, as we always chuckle about at her appointments, he said because things are never what they seem with London, he gave me a prescription to hold on to for a few days in case she didn't show any improvements. I waited about 3 days or so before I filled it, and she's finally coming closer to her baseline. So hopefully on Monday she'll get to go back to school. I know she's been missing it!

Another little tidbit that makes me happy: I paid the final payment on one of London's old medical bills today! It was just a smaller one, but being one bill down is exciting no matter what, right?? :) My New Year's resolution for 2013 was to get as much debt paid off as we could and with the strict budget I made for our family and trying to earn extra income whenever we can, I think we could make a good dent in that and still be able to start putting a few bucks away for a family vacation that I've been dreaming about! We are in the process of refinancing our home at a lower rate and with the difference in our mortgage payment each month, I'm really hoping to see those medical bills go down in flames!

More soon! :)


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