Saturday, August 02, 2014


The city I live in is celebrating its "days"...  there's a perfect view of the firework show from my front yard.  Right now I'm watching families gather at the park across the street,  neighbors enjoying the company of their friends with bbq and loud music, and the neighborhood out and about generally having a good time.

Typically we have a bbq with friends and family at our house and watch the fireworks afterward.  This year, I'm sitting in the driveway with just my two kids, throwing Snap-Its, and trying not to feel sorry for myself.  My own parents are away, my in-laws are unable to come up, my siblings either live far away or weren't invited because I've been to preoccupied with what's been going on with London to throw together a bbq, our friends are really Thomas's friends, and my husband is over seven thousand miles away.

I feel terribly alone.

I invited one if my best friends and her family over, then plans changed due to naughty kids and seizures. It seems like nothing is going my way, and I'm wallowing.

I feel like things are happening for everyone around me that I've been wishing would happen for us for some time now; and my optimism is steadily diminishing.

 Hopefully London will rest tonight and I'll feel renewed tomorrow...

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