Thursday, March 08, 2012

Scensy for London!

So if you love Scentsy, like I KNOW you must, you can put an order in HERE from now through St. Patty's Day and all the proceeds from your order will go toward A Home For London! So get your Scentsy fix and help our campaign at the same time! Here are a few of my personal favorite things:
**Room Spray! I LOVE this stuff! I spray it in my garbage can between changing bags, in my kids' rooms, the bathrooms, and my car! Anywhere!
**Buddies! So London has a lot of sensory issues and this is just a fun way for her to have something to stimulate her senses... And to be honest with you, my son, Kannon is OBSESSED with his sometimes! He loves to snuggle his Roarbert at night! I think the scent is very soothing for him and bed time is a breeze because of it! We've had our scent pack in his for a few months and I haven't needed to change it! LOVE IT!! The Buddy Babies are new and oh-so-cute!!
**Scent Circles! Ok, so these are SO great to hang on your mirror in the car and I LOVE them for CLOSETS!! Seriously, try it!
Plug-Ins! Perfect for bathrooms. Enough said! I actually got mine a long time ago and the plug rotates so that you can put it in whether your outlets goes horizontal or vertical and I would always bump mine and spill wax all over my counter. But now they LOCK so that doesn't happen so that is awesome! These are also THE BEST gifts for any occasion!

Remember, your online orders must be in by the end of the day on Saturday, March 17th. Online orders ship right to your house but if you CAN make it to the actual party, please come! It's at my house on Saturday, March 10th- stop in any time between noon and 6pm. You can smell the yummy scents, browse the catalogs and place your orders, eat yummy snacks, purchase raffle tickets ($1 each) for a brand new full-size Scensty Warmer, check out a few other fun things we'll be selling and have a great excuse to get out of the house! Bring your friends and make a girls day out of it! If you come to the party at my house and wear GREEN you will get a fun little prize!

** If you're placing an order online, make sure to order under the party name: A Home For London **

Thanks, friends! Hope to see you all there!
Love from me and London!

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