Thursday, April 05, 2012

Mary Kay for London

Here's the latest! :)

A dear friend of mine, whom I've known so long I can't remember NOT knowing her, has so generously offered to help us out through selling Mary Kay. She is going to donate 100% of her profit from all specific sales NOW THROUGH JULY to A Home For London!
Need to put your next Mary Kay order in? We'd LOVE for you to go through Heather this time!

Here's what ya need to do to ensure that a donation is made for London...

1. Go HERE

2. Shop til ya drop!

3. BE SURE to write 'A Home For London' in the COMMENTS box next to where it asks for the payment method for your order. (You may have to register to complete your order, just FYI)

4. Sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive! :)

If you can't order online, you can order through Heather by calling or texting her @ 435-695-3700 and let her know that you're ordering for this cause.

Can't tell you all enough how much we appreciate any and all support you give us!

Love and thanks from me and London!

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