Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome, Summer. Go easy on us.

For anyone who has ever watched London for an extended period of time (ok, so that's only family), they know that she can sometimes just be fussy. All. Day. Long. So like every year when school gets out for the summer, I'm a little worried about losing my sanity on these long hot days while Thomas is at work. There are days that she cries and whines and fusses all day unless I'm holding her. I wish I could just hold her all day, every day, but it's just not realistic. Moms have other tasks to accomplish, right ladies? And let's not forget trying to get a little mom time in during the day- reading for 20 minutes, daily exercise, or even just standing under the hot shower for 2 extra minutes. I also have Kannon to think about. So, obviously, my time can't be devoted solely to sitting on the couch with London in my lap.

So far, that's exactly what she seems to want. Unless we're out and about, she just wants to be held. I can neither go out with them every single day or keep a firm grasp on the few remaining ounces of sanity that I have left if I have to sit on that freaking couch all day. I sure love her, but I also love having clean underwear...

We got a zoo pass this year and we've already gone enough times to pay for it in the past two months. I can't take them swimming by myself (I'm sure you can guess why)... London doesn't do too well in the extreme heat so going for walks are sometimes out of the question... The grocery store is losing its appeal to all of us, and the mall just makes me want to spend money we don't have... So I guess I'm feeling a little stuck lately. Summer just started and I think we're all already bored. Pair boredom with the fact that I just haven't felt like myself for the past several months and we're all a little ornery and short-tempered some days.

This is not the post I had planned on putting on the blog next, but as I've been crazy busy with other things, I haven't had time (or peace and quiet!) to sit down and tackle everything I had in mind for the blog yet. Hopefully soon, though! Thanks for loving London!


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