Monday, November 17, 2014

365 of 30: Day 10

Sometimes it's nice to just let the kids skip school and go do something fun! That's what we did for Day 10.

I had nothing on my agenda. No prior commitments, no appointments, no urgent errands to be ran, no reason to rush through the day... So I wasn't worried about how long we stayed; the day was all about just letting K run crazy, getting L out of the house, and having fun!

The museum was pretty cool and K was so care-free; something that he doesn't often seem to be. He's always very worried about London and concerned about her seizures or whether or not she's happy. All too often I think he's just too adult for his young age.

Letting him just be a kid, around other kids, was just what we needed!

There wasn't a lot that the museum had to offer for London, but she seemed content to be there. We did find a few things that she really liked, and got an idea for a fun art project for her room.

London loved to FEEL the music that K played for her!

I know a lot of people would think I'm totally irresponsible for doing this, but I'd recommend it in a heartbeat! What better way to surprise your kids?? The world is full of pressure, even for young kids, so go ahead and skip a day of chores and errands and class and just go do something fun!

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