Thursday, November 06, 2014

365 of 30: Day 4

I'm a firm believer that there's so much happiness to be had by just giving to others. Whether it's donating money to a worthy cause, donating items to your local homeless shelter, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or just helping a neighbor with their yard work; by putting that goodness out into the world, it's impossible to to get some of it back. There are far too many ways to help out to have any excuse not to.

It doesn't have to cost a lot, or anything at all, but you never know how many people you could be helping. Not to mention the fact (can I call it a fact?) that when a person sees someone helping or giving to others, it could warm their frigid heart and they might be inspired to pass along some happiness too.

Good inspires good. 

And we just need more good in this world. 

In London's backpack the other day there was a letter about making emergency kits for the students. It basically asked for us to make one for our student and that they need donations for kits for students whose parents can't afford to make one.

The kits are really pretty simple- some water, juice, canned meat, crackers, granola bars, canned fruit, etc...

I wanted to help out as much as I could, so K and I ventured out to our local big box store for supplies. I already had a few things we needed at home, like gallon-size Ziploc bags and about a billion pieces of Halloween candy that I was all too willing to throw into the kits.

I tried teaching Kannon a little bit about what these kits were for but the concept of emergency situations or natural disasters is kind of a tough subject for a 5-year-old apparently. But he got the gist of it and wanted to help. So I set up the back of my car like an assembly line and he helped me put the kits together.

 Our kits are missing canned fruit, but we've got a really good start! It was fun to do this project with K and to know that we're doing something that London's school needs. 
We made kits until we ran out of supplies, and we ended up with 40! I'd say that's definitely something to be happy about! We can't wait to finish them up and take them to the school! 

While we were at the store, K saw some fresh cut flowers that he just "really really wanted so much" to buy for me. He said that he loved me so much and that he wanted to give me those flowers so I'll feel happy... Well, how could I say no to that?? So he picked out the ones he wanted to give me, I bought them, and he presented them to me. My heart was kind of melting.

There was a lot of Happy in our day today. Lots to be thankful for!

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